Welcome to the KYU de MARY Kennel website.
About us:
The first retriever Lora entered our life in January 2007. But, as it is known, there are not
many golden ones.
So, in 2008 appeared the second girl Junona, and in 2009 - the beautiful Marusya.
In 2013, two more girls were added to the family: Honda and Feya.
We traveled a lot to shows and gained experience. When we realized that we are ready to
educate and support puppies, because this is not only a joy, but also a great responsibility,
then in November 2012 we officially registered a Kennel in the FCI.
We had several litters. Now a new promising generation is growing up.
Our goal: to contribute to the development of the breed, to improve genetics and
appearance of golden retrievers.